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Liver and plasma lipid levels.

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posted on 29.09.2016, 17:38 by Jieyi Li, Dipanjan Chanda, Patrick J. van Gorp, Mike L. J. Jeurissen, Tom Houben, Sofie M. A. Walenbergh, Jacques Debets, Yvonne Oligschlaeger, Marion J. J. Gijbels, Dietbert Neumann, Ronit Shiri-Sverdlov

(A) Hepatic levels of total cholesterol (TC) and total triglycerides (TG) after one week of regular chow or HFC diet in Ldlr-/- mice, with and without MSP treatment. (B) Plasma TC and TG levels. (C,D) Representative images (200x magnification) of the H&E staining and Oil Red O staining of liver sections. Data are represented as mean ± SEM. * and *** indicate significant differences between groups, with * p≤0.05 and *** p<0.001.