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LipoGlo lipoprotein gel primary data.

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posted on 06.08.2020, 22:16 by Meredith H. Wilson, Sujith Rajan, Aidan Danoff, Richard J. White, Monica R. Hensley, Vanessa H. Quinlivan, Rosario Recacha, James H. Thierer, Frederick J. Tan, Elisabeth M. Busch-Nentwich, Lloyd Ruddock, M. Mahmood Hussain, Steven A. Farber

Original gels corresponding to the data in Fig 3D. Each gel shows a composite image of the fluorescent DiI-LDL migration standard (yellow) and LipoGlo emission chemiluminescent exposure (blue) from WT, mttpstl/stl, and mttpc655/c655 fish. Gels were analyzed as detailed in [48] and lipoprotein particles were binned into four classes based on migration relative to the DiI-LDL standard, including zero mobility (ZM), and three classes of serum B-lps (VLDL, IDL and LDL).