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Linkage and substitution mapping on RNO1 using S and LEW rats.

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posted on 23.08.2019, 17:33 by Blair Mell, Xi Cheng, Bina Joe

The LOD plot for BP was obtained from the study of an F2(S x LEW) population. This is shown at the top followed by the cytogenetic and physical maps of RNO1 [19]. End markers of congenic strains and current physical locations are shown with flanking bars. The physical locations of markers were obtained from the Rat Genome Database (http://www.rgd.mcw.edu) version 6.0. *The location for markers not mapped were determined using nearby markers chosen using the limits of the congenic strains. Congenic strains having a BP lowering effect are shown with a green bar. Congenic strains having no BP effect are shown with a black bar and a red bar indicates that the congenic strain has a BP increasing effect. All congenic strains except the ones currently reported are previously published [14, 1619]. Vertical blue or orange lines collectively depict the reported QTL regions. The names of QTLs are depicted in the blue or orange horizontal bars along with their respective sizes.