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Lineage-specific ohnologs (LSOs) expression between skeletal muscle of pacus and Nile tilapias.

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posted on 22.07.2021, 17:34 by Bruno Oliveira Silva Duran, Daniel Garcia de la serrana, Bruna Tereza Thomazini Zanella, Erika Stefani Perez, Edson Assunção Mareco, Vander Bruno Santos, Robson Francisco Carvalho, Maeli Dal-Pai-Silva

(A) Principal component analysis (PCA) showing LSOs expression data grouping according to fish species. Principal components were calculated using the SVD with imputation and Unit Variance Scaling method for row scaling. Prediction ellipses have 0.95 of confidence level. (B) Hierarchical clustering and non-hierarchical K-means clustering (K-means = 3) for pacus and tilapias LSOs and singletons transcription in response to fasting-refeeding. Red indicates high and blue indicates low expression values. Heatmap shows the 2-ΔCt values of LSOs expression and One Minus Pearson Correlation was used as metric for clustering.