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Light micrographs for male Bursaphelenchus suri n. sp.

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posted on 2022-04-06, 17:32 authored by Natsumi Kanzaki, Meike S. Kruger, Jaco M. Greeff, Robin M. Giblin-Davis

A: Lip and stylet region in two different focal planes (ld = labial disc; cn = stylet conus; sh = stylet shaft; bs = basal swelling); B: Pharyngeal part in two different focal planes (p-i = pharyngo-intestinal junction; hz = hemizonid; nr = nerve ring; ep = secretory-excretory pore); C: Anterior end of testes; D: Male tail in four different focal planes (P + number = genital papillae; bu = bursal flap). All subfigures are in right lateral view.