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Level of plasma RARRES2 (A), ADIPOQ (B) and NAMPT(C) concentrations of broiler hens fed with different concentrations of GSE dietary supplementation.

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posted on 14.05.2020, 17:42 by Alix Barbe, Namya Mellouk, Christelle Ramé, Jérémy Grandhaye, Karine Anger, Marine Chahnamian, Patrice Ganier, Aurélien Brionne, Antonella Riva, Pascal Froment, Joëlle Dupont

At 33rd week, plasma adipokines concentration was assessed using specific ELISA assay in 11 animals from each group of animals. A: animals fed with control diet without GSE supplementation, B and C: animals supplemented with GSE at 0.5% and 1% of the total diet composition, respectively, starting at 4 week-old until 40 week-old, and D: supplementation at 1% of the total diet composition starting at hatch until 40 week-old. Results are presented as lsmeans ± S.E.M. P values and different individual letters indicate a significant effect of the diet between A, B and C groups (experiment 1) or between A and D groups (experiment 2). P value was considered as significant if P < 0.05. **** P < 0.0001.