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Leptin concentrations in milk from C and DE rabbits on Days 2–4 and 13–16 of lactation.

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posted on 2019-02-14, 18:44 authored by Cathy Hue-Beauvais, Etienne Aujean, Guy Miranda, Delphine Ralliard-Rousseau, Sarah Valentino, Nicolas Brun, Stessy Ladebese, Christine Péchoux, Pascale Chavatte-Palmer, Madia Charlier

Measurement of leptin levels in milk from control (C) and DE exposed (DE) dams on Days 2 to 4 (L2-L4; 9 C and 9 DE rabbits) and Days 13 to 16 (L13-L16; 9 C and 9 DE rabbits) of lactation. Data are mean ± SEM.