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Lcd1/Ddc2 is not required for NuA4 recruitment or resection in asynchronous cells.

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posted on 2021-09-20, 17:41 authored by Salar Ahmad, Valérie Côté, Xue Cheng, Gaëlle Bourriquen, Vasileia Sapountzi, Mohammed Altaf, Jacques Côté

(A-B) ChIP-qPCR showing that the lcd1Δ xrs2Δ background results in loss of RPA signal (A), and NuA4 (B) at the HO induced DSB in asynchronous cells. The single mutant lcd1Δ (loss of Mec1) does not affect resection but shows slightly less NuA4 signal compared to wild type close to the break. (C-D) HO cutting efficiency at MAT locus after 3 hours of galactose induction in the indicated strains.