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Layout and orientation of obstetric ORs and equipment.

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posted on 2021-06-10, 17:31 authored by Kenji T. Sotto, Laura C. Hedli, Lillian Sie, Kimber Padua, Nicole Yamada, Henry Lee, Louis Halamek, Kay Daniels, Dan Nathan-Roberts, Naola S. Austin

1-OR table; 2-infant warmer; 3-oak cabinet or cart with fetal heart monitor; 4-neonatal code cart; 5-neonatal supplies cart; 6-support person chair; 7-mayo stand; 8-surgical back table; 9-suction apparatus; 10-electrocautery; 11-round bucket basin stand; 12-surgical steps; 13-built-in supply cabinet; 14-nurses’ computer workstation; 15-round rolling sitting stool; 16-hovermachine device; 17-prep stand for Foley; 18-anesthesia machine; 19-automated medication dispensing system; 20-anesthesia computer workstation; 21-anesthesiologist chair; 22-forced air warmer; 23-IV pole; 24-non-biohazard bin; 25-biohazard bin; 26-soiled linen bin; 27-sharps bin; 28-IV pole for surgical sponges; 29-kick bucket.