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LC-ESI-MS/MS analysis of EGCG and NH2-EGCG in the sera of mice treated with EGCG.

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posted on 05.04.2016 by Yukinori Hatasa, Miho Chikazawa, Mai Furuhashi, Fumie Nakashima, Takahiro Shibata, Tatsuhiko Kondo, Mitsugu Akagawa, Hiroki Hamagami, Hiroshi Tanaka, Hirofumi Tachibana, Koji Uchida

(A) The ion current tracings of EGCG (left five tracings) and NH2-EGCG (right five tracings). BALB/c mice were intraperitoneally injected with 0.1 ml of EGCG (10 mM) or PBS. After injection for 10 or 30 min, the sera were collected. After removing proteins by precipitation with cold acetone, the samples were analyzed by LC-ESI-MS/MS with SRM mode. (B) Quantitative analysis of EGCG (upper panel) and NH2-EGCG (lower panel) in the sera of the mice treated with EGCG.