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Knockout effects of genes containing SNPs found in GWA.

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posted on 23.02.2018, 18:31 by Maria Sardi, Vaishnavi Paithane, Michael Place, De Elegant Robinson, James Hose, Dana J. Wohlbach, Audrey P. Gasch

Genes linked to SNPs implicated by GWA were deleted in one or two genetic backgrounds, tolerant strain YPS128 (A) and sensitive strain YJM1444 (B). Significance was determined by paired T-test (where experiments were paired by replicate date, see Methods) with FDR correction compared to respective wild type strain. Asterisks indicate FDR < 0.05 or p< 0.05 (which corresponds to FDR of ~13%), according to the key. Deletion strains in (B) are ordered as in (A); NA indicates missing data due our inability to make the gene deletion in that background. zrt1-adh4Δ indicates the deletion of an intergenic sequence between these genes.