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Knockdown of miR-652-5p promoted tumour progressionin vivo.

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posted on 2020-04-28, 17:24 authored by Peng Gao, Dan Wang, Meiyue Liu, Siyuan Chen, Zhao Yang, Jie Zhang, Huan Wang, Yi Niu, Wei Wang, Jilong Yang, Guogui Sun

(A)The level of miR-652-5p in KYSE510 cells stably transfected with lenti-inhibitor and control vector. (B-D) KYSE510 cells stably underexpressing miR-652-5p were injected subcutaneously into mice(n = 5 per group). Tumour volume and weight were examined using in vivo luciferase imaging on the final day of analysis. (E-F) Metastatic nodules were shown in bones, brains, lungs, liver, kidneys and adrenal glands of mice inoculated with miR-652-5p-deficient cells or control cells. (G-I) Nude mice were subcutaneously injected with KYSE510 cells and synchronously treated with miR-652-5p agomir or control miRNA (n = 5 per group) by local injection to treat tumour every 7 days. Tumour weight and volume were assessed. (J) Immunohistochemistry analysis for Ki67, PARG, and VEGFA in tumour tissues from two groups of animals. (K) The expressions of PARG and VEGFA in OSCC tissues samples (n = 103) and matched normal tissues (n = 103) were detected by immunohistochemical staining. Data from triplicate experiments are presented.