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Knockdown of endogenous psyllid mRNAs by dsRNA fed M. paniculata leaves after 11 days.

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posted on 10.03.2017, 18:28 by Diogo Manzano Galdeano, Michèle Claire Breton, João Roberto Spotti Lopes, Bryce W. Falk, Marcos Antonio Machado

M. paniculata leaflets were soaked in dsRNA solutions at a concentration of 500 ng.μL-1, and total RNAs were isolated from live third-instar nymphs after 11 days of feeding assays. GFP dsRNA-fed D. citri served as controls for each experiment. Expression levels of cathepsin D (A), chitin synthase (B) and inhibitor of apoptosis (C). Significant differences in relative expression were evaluated between test dsRNAs and GFP dsRNA at the same concentrations. Double asterisks indicate P<0.01. CD: cathepsin D; CS: chitin synthase; IA: inhibitor of apoptosis.