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Ketamine impairs NSC viability via AMPA receptor activation.

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posted on 26.01.2017, 00:38 by Shiva Mansouri, Ingrid Agartz, Sven-Ove Ögren, Cesare Patrone, Mathias Lundberg

NSCs were plated as single cells and treated with 400 μM ketamine or pre-treated with 10 μM NBQX prior to 400 μM ketamine exposure. After 24 hour incubation, intracellular ATP levels were measured. Data are shown as mean ±SEM (n = 23–39). Kruskal-Wallis followed by Dunn’s test was used. Differences were considered significant at P<0.05. * denotes P<0.05 compared with control, # denotes P<0.05 compared to ketamine.