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Isolation and virulence verification of leaf spot fungi.

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posted on 2021-07-15, 17:45 authored by Kai Fang, Jie Zhou, Lin Chen, Yu-Xuan Li, Ai-Ling Yang, Xing-Fan Dong, Han-Bo Zhang

(A) The distribution of A. adenophora pathogens at the family (left) and OTU levels (right). Only families with relative abundance > 2% are shown, and the rest are merged into "Others"; only OTUs with relative abundance > 1% are shown. Each bar represents the abundance of one family (left) or one OTU (right) isolated from A. adenophora at the ~20 y, ~50 y and ~80 y sites, respectively; the part in the red represents those fungi virulent to A. adenophora verified by a disease experiment. (B) The categories of leaf spots with varying pathogenic fungal species. The number in each section represents the number of leaf spots with the corresponding pathogen richness. The green sections contain leaf spots with multiple infections, and the gray section contains those leaf spots with a single infection.