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Isolation-by-distance patterns in Florida Scrub-Jays can be deconstructed by pedigree relatedness.

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posted on 2017-08-03, 17:33 authored by Stepfanie M. Aguillon, John W. Fitzpatrick, Reed Bowman, Stephan J. Schoech, Andrew G. Clark, Graham Coop, Nancy Chen

Identity-by-descent in autosomal SNPs versus distance for all possible (A) male-male, (B) male-female, and (C) female-female comparisons is, in part, generated by highly related individuals remaining physically close together. Loess curves are shown in each panel. Isolation-by-distance patterns are significantly stronger in (A) male-male and (B) male-female comparisons than in (C) female-female comparisons. Points are colored by specific pedigree relationship or, for more distant relationships, grouped into a single coefficient of relationship (r) class. Gray points indicate no known pedigree relationship. Pedigree relationship abbreviations: PO = parent-offspring, FS = full-siblings, G1 = grandparent-grandchild, HS = half-siblings, N1 = aunt/uncle-nibling, C1 = first cousins, DC1 = double first cousins. (“Nibling” is a gender-neutral term for niece and nephew.)