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Isolated HIV-1 core is active for reverse transcription-0

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posted on 2011-12-30, 19:24 authored by David Warrilow, Deborah Stenzel, David Harrich

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Taken from "Isolated HIV-1 core is active for reverse transcription"


Retrovirology 2007;4():77-77.

Published online 24 Oct 2007


op (squares), first-strand transfer (diamonds) and full-length targets (triangles) are shown. (B) p24 ELISA on fractions; inset shows the density of fractions calculated from weight (fractions 3–9 only are shown). Viral proteins were detected in HIV-1equilibrium gradient fractions 1–9 by western analysis using (C) anti-HIV-1 polyclonal antibody, (D) colorimetric reverse transcriptase ELISA using homoploymeric template (fractions 5–9 only are shown), and (E) anti-gp41 antibody. (F) Negative staining transmission electron microscopy of dense fractions showing four representative core-like structures. 100,000× magnification; bar indicates 50 nm. Please note, the fractions shown in A and B are from a separate preparation to those in C-E and hence fraction numbers do not directly correspond [see Additional file for complete methods].


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