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Involvement of B2R and D2R in oxidative and inflammatory responses as well as in apoptotic processes in endothelial cells.

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posted on 2018-11-14, 18:49 authored by Anna Niewiarowska-Sendo, Andrzej Kozik, Ibeth Guevara-Lora

BK–bradykinin, B2R –bradykinin B2 receptor, CAT–catalase, D2R- dopamine D2 receptor, ET-1 –endothelin-1, IL-6 –interleukin-6, MnSOD–mitochondrial superoxide dismutase, pNOS3 –phosphorylated endothelial nitric oxide synthase, ROS–reactive oxygen species, SUM–sumanirole. Thick arrows represent mechanisms that may not necessarily occur directly and in which additional factors may be involved.