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Intracellular localization of CD150 and CD180 in CLL B cells.

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posted on 2017-10-05, 17:59 authored by Inna Gordiienko, Larysa Shlapatska, Valeriia Kholodniuk, Lilia Sklyarenko, Daniel F. Gluzman, Edward A. Clark, Svetlana P. Sidorenko

Cells were fixed and simultaneously stained with anti-CD150 or anti-CD180 mAbs (green) and markers of the ER—GRP78; the Golgi apparatus—TGN38; early endosomes—EEA1; and lysosomes—LAMP1 (red). The level of colocalization with markers of intracellular compartments was defined by Pearson’s (R) and Manders (R[r]) coefficients using ImageJ software. (A) In csCD150- CLL B cells CD150 was localized to ER, Golgi apparatus, early endosomes, but not to lysosomes. The results represent one of seven analyzed csCD150- CLL cases. (B) In csCD150+ CLL B cells CD150 was mainly expressed on the cell surface with trace amounts in intracellular compartments. One of five analyzed csCD150+ CLL cases. (C) In csCD180- B cells CD180 was accumulated in early endosomes. One of three analyzed csCD180- CLL cases. Microscope magnification 630x.