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Interpolated movement tracks of tagged southern right whales from ARGOS location data plotted with sea surface temperature (SST) averaged over each month that the tag was transmitting.

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posted on 07.05.2020, 22:07 by Alice I. Mackay, Frédéric Bailleul, Emma L. Carroll, Virginia Andrews-Goff, C. Scott Baker, John Bannister, Laura Boren, Krisa Carlyon, David M. Donnelly, Michael Double, Simon D. Goldsworthy, Robert Harcourt, Dirk Holman, Andrew Lowther, Guido J. Parra, Simon J. Childerhouse

Individuals 96373 and 96374 were tagged at the Auckland Islands, New Zealand. Individual 98103 was tagged at Pirates Bay, Tasmania, Australia. Red dashed lines indicate the predicted location of the main oceanic fronts: Subtropical front (STF), sub-Antarctic front (SAF) and Polar Front (PF). Large black dots indicate areas of restricted search. Grey dots correspond to uncertain areas of restricted search inferred by the SSM.