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Interaction effects of risk calculator score and negative stressful life events schedule (nSLES) score on whole-brain activity during emotion processing (top).

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posted on 12.12.2019, 18:46 by Lindsay C. Hanford, Kristen Eckstrand, Anna Manelis, Danella M. Hafeman, John Merranko, Cecile D. Ladouceur, Simona Graur, Alicia McCaffrey, Kelly Monk, Lisa K. Bonar, Mary Beth Hickey, Tina R. Goldstein, Benjamin I. Goldstein, David Axelson, Genna Bebko, Michele A. Bertocci, Mary Kay Gill, Boris Birmaher, Mary L. Phillips

Positive interactions between risk calculator score, nSLES score and activity were found within 3 clusters after correction for multiple comparisons. A graphical representation of this interaction in the right fusiform gyri is presented here (bottom). Higher risk calculator score showed a greater positive association between activity and nSLES score. A full set of these interaction plots can be found in the supplementary. * au = arbitrary units All results were corrected for using Z-statistic threshold at z>2.3, pFWE<0.0017. A contrast of all emotions versus shape conditions was used. Activity values were mean adjusted using a healthy control sample.