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Boxplot representation of lichen enriched media effect on the number of colony types of P. furfuracea associated bacteria from bulk thalli samples.

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posted on 05.08.2016, 11:09 by Elena G. Biosca, Raquel Flores, Ricardo D. Santander, José Luis Díez-Gil, Eva Barreno

Data are from two different samplings (a,b and c,d) with three replicates each. Data shows colony numbers of ectolichenic bacteria from washed thallus (a,c) and endolichenic bacteria from thallus tissue (b,d) on lichen enriched media (LEM) versus lichen free media (LFM) after 15 days of incubation at 25°C under dark conditions. A significantly higher number of colony types was recorded on the lichen enriched media compared to the lichen free media in b, c and d (p<0.05). Circles represent outliers in the data.