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Inhibition of brorin function in zebrafish embryos.

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posted on 27.04.2017, 19:25 authored by Ayumi Miyake, Yoko Mekata, Hidenori Fujibayashi, Kazuya Nakanishi, Morichika Konishi, Nobuyuki Itoh

(A) The coding region of brorin is divided into two introns, with open boxes and black lines indicating exons and introns, respectively. MO indicates the target position of brorin MO. (B) brorin cDNA was amplified from the cDNA of wild-type embryos or brorin MO-injected embryos by RT-PCR using the P1 and P2 primers, the positions of which are indicated by arrows (A). (C) The nucleotide sequences of brorin cDNAs were elucidated. Numbers show the nucleotide sequence of the coding region and amino acid sequence, and arrowheads indicate splice sites between exons one and two. (D-G) Lateral views of control MO-injected (D), brorin MO1-injected (E), brorin MO2-injected (F), and brorin MO1- and brorin RNA-injected (G) embryos at 24 hpf. Arrows and arrowheads indicate the tectal ventricle and telencephalic ventricle, respectively. di, diencephalon; mb, midbrain; te, telencephalon.