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Influence of Ocean Acidification on a Natural Winter-to-Summer Plankton Succession: First Insights from a Long-Term Mesocosm Study Draw Attention to Periods of Low Nutrient Concentrations - Fig 4

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posted on 15.08.2016 by Lennart T. Bach, Jan Taucher, Tim Boxhammer, Andrea Ludwig, Eric P. Achterberg, María Algueró-Muñiz, Leif G. Anderson, Jessica Bellworthy, Jan Büdenbender, Jan Czerny, Ylva Ericson, Mario Esposito, Matthias Fischer, Mathias Haunost, Dana Hellemann, Henriette G. Horn, Thomas Hornick, Jana Meyer, Michael Sswat, Maren Zark, Ulf Riebesell

Development of (A) chla and (B) POC concentrations over the course of the experiment. Roman numbers denote the different phases of the experiment.