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Influence of AreA and AreB on secondary metabolite cluster gene expression.

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posted on 2017-04-25, 18:12 authored by Andreas Pfannmüller, Johannes Leufken, Lena Studt, Caroline B. Michielse, Christian M. K. Sieber, Ulrich Güldener, Susan Hawat, Michael Hippler, Christian Fufezan, Bettina Tudzynski

The F. fujikuroi Wt and the ΔAREA and ΔAREB deletion mutants were cultivated for 3 (A, B, C) or 7 (D) days in ICI liquid cultures with 6 mM glutamine (6) or 60 mM glutamine (60) as sole nitrogen source. (A) Differentially regulated secondary metabolite gene clusters, represented by PKS-, NRPS-, TC- and DMATS-encoding genes. Data are based on microarray analysis. (B) Northern blot analysis of secondary metabolite cluster gene expression: CPS/KS (copalyl diphosphate/kaurene-synthase, GA-cluster), BIK2 (monooxygenase, BIK-cluster), APF6 (o-methyltransferase, APF-cluster), FUB5 (homoserine o-acyltransferase, FUB-cluster). (C) Variation in pigmentation of the strains in ICI liquid culture. (D) Variation in bikaverin production. Culture supernatant was analyzed by HPLC-DAD. The peaks of bikaverin and norbikaverin were integrated at wavelength of 510 nm and depicted in relation to the total cell dry mass of the cultures.