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Infarct volume analysis, cerebral hemisphere swelling and representative images of coronal brain slices as assessed 24-hours after permanent MCAO.

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posted on 07.03.2018, 18:54 by Diego Milani, Megan C. Bakeberg, Jane L. Cross, Vince W. Clark, Ryan S. Anderton, David J. Blacker, Neville W. Knuckey, Bruno P. Meloni

Treatments were administered intravenously (saline vehicle, or R18 and R18D at 300 nmol/kg) 30 min after MCAO. A: Infarct volume measurements. Denotes animal that died several hours before the 24-hour post-MCAO study end-point, but was still included in the final infarct volume analysis. Unfilled circles, triangles and squares represent infarct volumes obtained from outlier animals excluded from the study. B: Percentage hemisphere swelling for vehicle and the R18 and R18D treatment groups. C: Representative images of TTC stained coronal brain slices from vehicle, R18 and R18D treatment groups. Values are mean ± SD; n = 9–10. *p < 0.05 when compared to vehicle.