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Individual promoters show diverse patterns of variation in noise levels across conditions.

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posted on 2021-12-17, 19:09 authored by Arantxa Urchueguía, Luca Galbusera, Dany Chauvin, Gwendoline Bellement, Thomas Julou, Erik van Nimwegen

(A) Scatter plot showing the expression plasticity (variance across conditions, horizontal axis) and noise (variance in noise across conditions) of all measured promoters. (B-G) Examples of condition-dependent mean and noise of individual promoters. Each panel shows the noise level as a function of mean across conditions (colors; see legend) for one promoter, with the gene regulated by the promoter indicated in each panel. Error bars denote standard errors of the estimates based on biological replicate measurements. Each of the 3 pairs of panels indicate different types of behavior in mean and noise across conditions, as described at the top of each pair of panels. The underlying data for Fig 2 can be found in S1 Data and