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Individual metacognitive uncertainty sensitivity and accuracy change in redecision associated, respectively, with dACC and lFPC activity.

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posted on 2018-04-23, 17:45 authored by Lirong Qiu, Jie Su, Yinmei Ni, Yang Bai, Xuesong Zhang, Xiaoli Li, Xiaohong Wan

(A) The histograms of correlation coefficients of individual uncertainty sensitivity (AROC, left column) and individual accuracy change (right column) between different sessions in the Sudoku task and the RDM task as well as across the two tasks. The arrows indicate the medians of the histograms. (B) The individual uncertainty sensitivity (AROC) was positively correlated with the uncertainty-level regression β values of the fMRI activity mainly in the dACC and AIC regions. (C) The scatter plots of the dACC and lFPC activity regressed with the decision uncertainty level against the individual uncertainty sensitivity. (D) The individual accuracy change was positively correlated with the mean activity predominately in the lFPC region, in the Sudoku task. (E) The scatter plots of the dACC and lFPC mean activity against the individual accuracy change. In panel C and E, the solid lines indicate fitting data in the Sudoku task, and the broken lines indicate fitting data in the RDM task. The conventions in panel B and C are the same as in Fig 3. The data can be found in S1 Data. AIC, anterior insular cortex; dACC, dorsal anterior cingulate cortex; fMRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging; lFPC, lateral frontopolar cortex; RDM, random-dot motion.