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Increased germ cell apoptosis in ghrelin KO mice.

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posted on 18.05.2017, 18:09 by Enrica Bianchi, Kim Boekelheide, Mark Sigman, Susan J. Hall, Kathleen Hwang

Apoptotic germ cells were detected by TUNEL analysis in wild type (A), ghrelin KO (B) and GHSR KO (C) mice. The arrows indicate apoptotic germ cells. Scale bar = 200μm. D) Quantitation of TUNEL-positive cells in wild type, ghrelin KO and GHSR KO mice testes. The data were expressed as the percentage of round seminiferous tubules (ratio major axis/minor axis < 1.5) with more than 3 TUNEL-positive cells. Ghrelin KO mice showed a significant increase in the percentage of seminiferous tubules with >3 TUNEL-positive cells compared to wild type mice. Data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA multiple comparisons Bonferroni's test and expressed as mean ± SEM (* p<0.05).