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Inactivation of NMD increases viability of nonsense mutants in -3

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posted on 2011-12-30, 19:07 authored by Svetlana Chabelskaya, Valentina Gryzina, Svetlana Moskalenko, Catherine Le Goff, Galina Zhouravleva

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Taken from "Inactivation of NMD increases viability of nonsense mutants in "


BMC Molecular Biology 2007;8():71-71.

Published online 16 Aug 2007


8 () and 1-1A-D1628 (), selected on 5-FOA medium (Fig. 3A) was tested by plating 10, and 10serial dilutions of overnight cultures (to ) onto YPD plates at 37°C (, onto YPD plates with 1 mg/ml paromomycin (and onto synthetic complete -adenine -leucine plates ()The same serially diluted cultures were also spotted on YPD plates at 25°C (to estimate the total number of cells analyzed. Following mutations were tested: 102, 107 (nonsense) and 103 (missense).


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