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In situ GFP expression in immunized zebrafish.

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posted on 25.07.2017, 17:43 by Henna Myllymäki, Mirja Niskanen, Kaisa Ester Oksanen, Eleanor Sherwood, Maarit Ahava, Mataleena Parikka, Mika Rämet

AB fish were immunized with 12 μg of experimental or control vaccine plasmids, followed by electroporation. Seven days post-injection, the successful vaccinations and expression of the antigen-GFP fusion proteins were verified by fluorescence microscopy. The fluorescence resulting from the expression of the antigen-GFP fusion protein is seen in the dorsal muscle near the injection site. For each antigen, a representative example is shown. Non-immunized AB fish were used as a negative control.