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Immunophenotype of HTLV-1p12KO inoculated animals.

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posted on 2022-04-04, 17:32 authored by Ramona Moles, Sarkis Sarkis, Veronica Galli, Maria Omsland, Maria Artesi, Massimiliano Bissa, Katherine McKinnon, Sophia Brown, Vincent Hahaut, Robyn Washington-Parks, Joshua Welsh, David J. Venzon, Anna Gutowska, Melvin N. Doster, Matthew W. Breed, Kristin E. Killoran, Joshua Kramer, Jennifer Jones, Marcin Moniuszko, Anne Van den Broeke, Cynthia A. Pise-Masison, Genoveffa Franchini

Monocyte density. Density plot of CD45+CD3+CD4+, CD45+CD3+CD8+, CD45+CD14+ monocytes, CD45+CD16+ monocytes, CD45+CD20+, CD45+NKG2A+, and CD45+NKG2A+CD16+ cells at baseline, day 0, and weeks 2 and 21 of the animals included in the (A) α-CD8/NK p12KO (B), α-CD8 p12KO, and (C) Clodronate p12KO groups.