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Immunohistochemical staining of HCMV in gliomas.

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posted on 2016-07-26, 13:13 authored by Lucas Matheus Stangherlin, Fabiane Lucy Ferreira Castro, Raphael Salles Scortegagna Medeiros, Juliana Mariotti Guerra, Lidia Midori Kimura, Neuza Kazumi Shirata, Suely Nonogaki, Claudia Januário dos Santos, Maria Cristina Carlan Silva

(A)Negative GBM. (B) Positive GBM, score 4. (C) Positive AST II, score 8. (D) Positive control (HCMV infected colon). Arrows indicate HCMV nuclear protein expression in neoplastic cells (brown). All samples were counterstained with Eosin. Scale bar 10μm.