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Immunohistochemical localization of Claudin-4 in the lung

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posted on 2011-12-30, 19:26 authored by Emanuela Mazzon, Salvatore Cuzzocrea

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Taken from "Role of TNF-α in lung tight junction alteration in mouse model of acute lung inflammation"

Respiratory Research 2007;8(1):75-75.

Published online 30 Oct 2007


In lung tissue sections collected at 24 hours from sham WT mice () and from sham TNF-αR1KO mice (), Claudin-4 were uniformly and continuously distributed along the alveolar epithelium and the vascular endothelium. On the contrary, a significant disruption of immunohistochemical localization signal for Claudin-4 was observed in the lung tissues sections of carrageenan-treated WT mice at 4 h () and at 24 hours () after carrageenan. In lungs of carrageenan-treated TNF-αR1KO mice was found less irregular distribution pattern of Claudin-4 at 4 h () and at 24 hours () after carrageenan. Similarly, the treatment of WT mice with Etanercept (5 mg/kg administered s.c. 2 h prior carrageenan) were able to prevent carrageenan-induced distribution alteration of Claudin-4 at 4 h () and at 24 hours () after carrageenan. Figure is representative of at least 3 experiments performed on different experimental days.


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