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Immunocytochemistry of melatonin receptors in the first molar tooth germ of mice raised in either night-deprived or daylight-deprived conditions (D3) as well as mice experienced three day circadian rhythm derivation followed by one day-night cycle (D4) (n = 6 in each group).

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posted on 2016-08-05, 10:58 authored by Jiang Tao, Yue Zhai, Hyun Park, Junli Han, Jianhui Dong, Ming Xie, Ting Gu, Keidren Lewi, Fang Ji, William Jia

A, microphotograph with 10x objective; B, microphotograph with 40× objective. Scale bar, 10μm. Labels in photos: A, ameloblast; I, inner enamel epithelium; M, mineralization layer; O, odontoblast; P, dental papilla cell.