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Immunocytochemical staining for ubiquitin in control (P35) and transected (P28+7 d) spinal cord of Monodelphis domestica.

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posted on 2013-04-23, 02:33 authored by Natassya M. Noor, Kjeld Møllgård, Benjamin J. Wheaton, David L. Steer, Jessie S. Truettner, Katarzyna M. Dziegielewska, W. Dalton Dietrich, A. Ian Smith, Norman R. Saunders

A: P35 control. Note ubiquitin staining similar to P29 (Figure 6A). Neuronal nuclei are as strongly stained as cytoplasm apart from Waldeyer cells at the tip of dorsal horn, which have stronger cytoplasmic staining. Some glial cells in white matter are positively stained. B: P28+7 d post injury. Note pattern of immunostaining is similar to that in age-equivalent control (P35, A) although less intense. Endothelial cells and neuroependymal cells lining the central spinal cord are negative. A and B, same magnification. Bar in B: 100 µm.