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Immunization with the PRV pUL37 R2 mutant protects against lethal encephalitic infection.

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posted on 2017-12-07, 18:59 authored by Alexsia L. Richards, Patricia J. Sollars, Jared D. Pitts, Austin M. Stults, Ekaterina E. Heldwein, Gary E. Pickard, Gregory A. Smith

Mice were vaccinated intranasally with 5 μl of the PRV R2 mutant (6.4 x 108 PFU/ml). Subsequent wild-type challenge was performed by intranasal inoculation with 5 μl of wild-type PRV (8.8 x 109 PFU/ml) at the indicated day post vaccination. Mice showing no signs of disease were euthanized at 672 hours (28 days) post challenge and are indicated in red. * Mouse was euthanized at 504 hours post challenge due to presentation of tremors and an unusual head lesion, although subsequent histology found no indication of viral encephalitis. ** Mouse was euthanized at 168 hours post challenge due to weight loss.