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Imaging and fluid analysis workflows in the MarkVCID and ASPIRE cohorts.

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posted on 24.01.2020, 18:37 by Marie Altendahl, Pauline Maillard, Danielle Harvey, Devyn Cotter, Samantha Walters, Amy Wolf, Baljeet Singh, Visesha Kakarla, Ida Azizkhanian, Sunil A. Sheth, Guanxi Xiao, Emily Fox, Michelle You, Mei Leng, David Elashoff, Joel H. Kramer, Charlie Decarli, Fanny Elahi, Jason D. Hinman

Workflow diagram of the MarkVCID cohort of 167 subjects that underwent detailed cognitive evaluations, MRI including DTI, and serum collections (left). Workflow diagram of the ASPIRE cohort of 202 subjects presenting with acute neurologic symptoms who underwent MRI and concurrent serum collection (right).