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Illustration of the propagating wave being blocked for the U case but not for the NU case.

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posted on 2019-05-31, 17:30 authored by Karoline Horgmo Jæger, Andrew G. Edwards, Andrew McCulloch, Aslak Tveito

The figure shows the intracellular potential in the plane at the center of the domain in the z-direction at four points in time for the case with a uniform (U) and a non-uniform (NU) distribution of sodium channels. The default gap junction resistance is increased by a factor of 70 from 0.0045 kΩcm2 to 0.315 kΩcm2 between the fifth and sixth cells. The remaining parameter values used in the simulations are given in Table 1, except that the time step is set to Δt = 0.01 ms.