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Illustration of the procedure in relation to multi-channel image reconstruction after the application of pre-processing operations on the original DCE-MRIs.

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posted on 10.03.2017, 18:29 by X. -X. Yin, S. Hadjiloucas, J. -H. Chen, Y. Zhang, J. -L. Wu, M. -Y. Su

(A) Illustration of a single layer associated with the image baseline before the contrast enhanced agent is injected. (B) Post contrast enhanced MRI at the fourth time frame for the same layer. (C) Result from the subtraction of (A) from (B). (D) FCM clustering for initial binarization. (E) Application of morphological dilation operation on the image of (D); (F) Extraction of imaged breast skin tissues. (G) Subtraction of (F) from (E) to achieve a binarization image that is used to find voxels that are most related to imaged tumours. (H) Convolution between (D) and (G). (I) Tensor reconstruction of convolved (pre-processed) image of (H). (J) Tumour segment (classification) in (I) incorporating FCM and the proposed multi-channel reconstruction. (K) Tumour segment in (H) using traditional FCM. (The tumour illustrated is a ductal carcinoma in situ.)