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IVIS imaging of anti-MOG antibody in the brain.

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posted on 12.04.2019 by Ryosuke Nakano, Sayaka Takagi-Maeda, Yuji Ito, Satoshi Kishimoto, Tomoko Osato, Kaori Noguchi, Kana Kurihara-Suda, Nobuaki Takahashi

Anti-MOG antibody MOG01 and anti-AVM antibody as negative control were labeled using an Alexa Fluor 488 Protein Labeling Kit (Molecular Probes). Labeled antibodies were injected into mice via the tail vein (10 mg kg-1). After the indicated time, mice were perfused with PBS and their brains were extracted. The fluorescence strength of each brain was then measured. IVIS imaging of brain (A) and in plasma (B) at days 6 and 14.