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ITH of molecular pathways.

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posted on 2020-12-17, 20:47 authored by Sigrid Salling Árnadóttir, Trine Block Mattesen, Søren Vang, Mogens Rørbæk Madsen, Anders Husted Madsen, Nicolai Juul Birkbak, Jesper Bertram Bramsen, Claus Lindbjerg Andersen

(A) Barplot with quantification of number of genes with high ITH-score (STD > 0.5) for each tumor and all tumors combined. * denotes tumors with the highest amount of high ITH-score genes, which are included in B-D. (B) Subtyping results for each biopsy from tumor P13 and P05. (C-D) Tumor-specific network maps for two tumors illustrating the 5000 ssGSEA terms with the highest ITH for tumor P13 in (C) and tumor P05 in (D). Yellow dots/font indicates mechanisms that are upregulated in the sample compared to the other samples from the same tumor, while blue indicates downregulated mechanisms.