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IRS adaptor protein isoforms define tumor cell biology and regulate global gene expression profiles.

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posted on 18.03.2016, 23:28 by Marc A. Becker, Yasir H. Ibrahim, Annabell S. Oh, Dedra H. Fagan, Sara A. Byron, Aaron L. Sarver, Adrian V. Lee, Leslie M. Shaw, Cheng Fan, Charles M. Perou, Douglas Yee

(A) Monolayer growth and motility of T47D-YA (YA), T47D-YA-IRS-1 (#10 and #20) and T47D-YA-IRS-2 (#1 and #6) were measured by MTT assay and (B) scratch-wound healing assay in response to IGF-I treatment. The graphs are presented as fold-change response vs. non-treated control and error bars represent standard deviation. (C) IGF-induced gene expression is IRS-dependent. cDNA microarray analysis was performed on IRS-null YA, IRS-1, and IRS-2 clones. The graph represents IGF-regulated probes in comparison to untreated samples that met both fold (1.5) and p-value (0.05) cutoff values. Hierarchical clustering was carried out on log2-transformed using Gene Cluster 3.0 and visualized in Java TreeView.