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INO80 regulates the expression of key TOR signaling effectors.

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posted on 2018-02-20, 18:26 authored by Sean L. Beckwith, Erin K. Schwartz, Pablo E. García-Nieto, Devin A. King, Graeme J. Gowans, Ka Man Wong, Tessa L. Eckley, Alexander P. Paraschuk, Egan L. Peltan, Laura R. Lee, Wei Yao, Ashby J. Morrison

(A) Log-transformed Z-scores of expression fold-change (FC) between untreated and treated (30nM rapamycin for 45 minutes) wild-type cells or indicated deletion strains. Genes with at least a 1.5 fold-change are plotted. Pearson correlations and p-values are shown for all genes (>6000) regardless of fold-change difference. (B) Diagram of key genes involved in the TORC1 regulation of nitrogen source quality responsive genes [77], Msn2/4 regulated stress response genes [78], ribosomal protein (RP) genes, and ribosome biogenesis genes [79]. Log-transformed expression fold-change is shown comparing untreated wild-type cells and rapamycin treated (45 and 90 minutes) or deletion strains as indicated. Gene lists are found in S8 Table.