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IL-8, PGE2, and VEGF release and their correlations with miR-503 expression in COPD and control lung fibroblasts.

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posted on 2017-09-07, 12:22 authored by Jun Ikari, Amy J. Nelson, Jannah Obaid, Alvaro Giron-Martinez, Kumiko Ikari, Fumihiko Makino, Shunichiro Iwasawa, Yoko Gunji, Maha Farid, Xingqi Wang, Hesham Basma, Dawn Demeo, Carol Feghali-Bostwick, Olaf Holz, Klaus Rabe, Xiangde Liu, Stephen I. Rennard

Control (n = 13) and COPD (n = 13) lung fibroblasts were cultured with 10% FCS containing DMEM for 2 days, after which the medium was changed to DMEM in the absence and presence of IL-1ß and TNF-α (1 ng/ml). After 1 day, the cell layer was harvested and miR-503 expression was examined by real-time qPCR. IL-8, PGE2, and VEGF release in the cultured medium were examined by ELISA or EIA. The correlation between miR-503 expression and IL-8 ((A) baseline, (B) IL-1ß/TNF-α), PGE2 ((C) baseline, (D) IL-1ß/TNF-α), and VEGF ((E) baseline, (F) IL-1ß/TNF-α) release of the same sample are shown. White square: control, Black triangle: COPD. Vertical axis: IL-8, PGE2, and VEGF release, respectively (pg per 105 cells per 1 day). Horizontal axis: level of miR-503 expression, expressed as fold of 18s-rRNA values. The correlation was calculated by Spearman’s correlation test.