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ICS components form an inflammatory network.

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posted on 24.01.2020, 18:37 by Marie Altendahl, Pauline Maillard, Danielle Harvey, Devyn Cotter, Samantha Walters, Amy Wolf, Baljeet Singh, Visesha Kakarla, Ida Azizkhanian, Sunil A. Sheth, Guanxi Xiao, Emily Fox, Michelle You, Mei Leng, David Elashoff, Joel H. Kramer, Charlie Decarli, Fanny Elahi, Jason D. Hinman

STRING database query of the six ICS component analytes reveals a biologically interconnected network centered on IL-18 and highly related to inflammation (p-value for protein interactions = 0.00022). ICS component analytes are shown as colored nodes (bold) while first level interacting proteins are shown as white nodes. Line width reflects the strength of data support.