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Human IL-6 protein levels in grafts and keratomes.

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posted on 2023-01-17, 18:25 authored by Pernille Kristine Fisker Christensen, Axel Kornerup Hansen, Søren Skov, Kåre Engkilde, Jesper Larsen, Maria Helena Høyer-Hansen, Janne Koch

Protein levels of human IL-6 were analysed in keratome (Five psoriasis vulgaris patients were included in the study and three biopsies were obtained per keratome for MSD analyses, n = 15) and graft lysates from hIL-2 NOG mice treated with either ustekinumab or isotype control. The number of mice were n = 14 (isotype) and n = 15 (ustekinumab). LLOD is lower limit of detection and HLOD is higher limit of detection.