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Hormone concentration profiles over 24 hours for TSH, GH, ACTH, and cortisol

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posted on 2019-11-14, 16:58 authored by Evie van der Spoel, Ferdinand Roelfsema, Abimbola A. Akintola, Steffy W. Jansen, Eline Slagboom, Rudi G.J. Westendorp, Gerard J. Blauw, Hanno Pijl, Diana van HeemstDiana van Heemst

For each hormone, the hormone concentration profiles over 24 h are depicted for each of the 38 older subjects from the Leiden Longevity Study as grey lines. For each of the hormones, the mean hormone concentration profile of the 38 participants over 24 h is depicted as a black line. Serum hormone concentration measurements were performed every 10 minutes for 24 h, starting around 09:00 h.


European Commission project Switchbox (FP7, Health-F2-2010-259772)

European Commission project THYRAGE (Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, 666869)

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