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Horizontal distributions of L. polyactis in the East China Sea.

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posted on 29.12.2020, 18:34 by Xiaoyan Wang, Guoqing Lu, Linlin Zhao, Qiao Yang, Tianxiang Gao

Black dots indicate sampling stations. The x-axis and y-axis represent longitude and latitude, respectively. Concentrations of eDNA are depicted with gradient colors. Color bar scales indicate the log-transformed eDNA concentrations. (a1): average eDNA concentrations, (a2): eDNA concentrations in Layer1 (surface), (a3): eDNA concentrations in Layer2 (10m-50m), and (a4): eDNA concentrations in Layer3 (50m-104m). The eDNA hotspots were found in the Yushan fishing ground (sampling sites: S02-4, S02-5, S02-7), the Zhoushan fishing ground (S01-4, S01-1, S01-5), and the Dasha fishing ground (S00-4). New offshore spawning grounds (S01-5 and S02-5) were found.