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Histological analysis of the induced membranes within the defect regions of 4-, 6- and 8-mm groups.

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posted on 2019-12-20, 18:25 authored by Zhen Shen, Haixiong Lin, Guoqian Chen, Yan Zhang, Zige Li, Ding Li, Lei Xie, Yue Li, Feng Huang, Ziwei Jiang

(A) Gross views of representative membrane samples of the three groups. Yellow arrow indicates the induced membrane, red arrow indicates the bone cement and blue arrow indicates the plate. (B) Representative histological (top panel) and angiographic (lower panel) images of the induced membranes by HE staining and three-dimensional reconstruction. Black arrows mark the dimensions of the fibrous (distal of the cement) and non-fibrous (proximal to the cement) layers of the induced membrane and interval between black dotted lines represent the membrane thickness. Red arrows indicate the vessels. Yellow dashed lines outline the defect regions. Original magnification, 40×. (C) Quantification of the membrane thickness and the vessel number and abundance inside the defect regions. (*P< 0.05; NS: not significant).